14 February 2011

happy f*cklentine

in a perfect world, they said, a man should be older than a woman, so a relationship can be working.
and that's something that i believe, until I've found you.. yes, you!!

you're the one who finally gave it up, and thinking it's going nowhere.
and i just agreed at the moment, i could accept the idea about that.
seems i was wrong, completely wrong.
I feel sad until right now.
I'm missing you, everything about you.
I should get over about you, but i can't.
I'm a mess, and totally idiot when I realized how naive i am.
thinking that difference age is not a big deal.

so it's a big deal for you and nothing can change it.
i should admit that I'm in love with you..
a nice guy with puppy eyes, careless but lovable..
but you're gone..
it's something that i should deal with now..

i'm still alive but i'm barely breathing..

07 February 2011

you complete me

penggalan kalimat dari film Jerry Maguire..
penggalan kalimat yang kamu pakai waktu kita saling menggombal..

tapi yang perlu kamu tau, itu bukan gombal lagi sekarang. you're really the one who complete me!
last thing on my mind when i go sleep and first thing on my mind when i wake up.

ga pernah bisa dibayangkan kalo akhirnya aku akan ketemu kamu.
sosok luar biasa yang bikin aku sangat bersyukur, yang ada di pikiran aku sekarang adalah untung aja dulu putus ama yang ini atau untung ga jadian ama dia.
karena cuma kamu yang ternyata bisa bikin aku sebahagia ini.
yes, i'm the happiest person in the world.
mungkin terdengar lebay, but it's true.
you're amazing dan aku ga berenti bersyukur karena kamu, marcell..

ps: mr. nice guy, i won't leave you, and please don't leave me..

04 February 2011

and i said yes

for all my life, I've been looking someone like you..
someone, I can share anything with
someone, I can laugh about everything with
someone, that's perfectly fit on me

we know a lot about Chris Martin
and we're talking about Christopher Nolan and Big Fish
aksara, is always be a favorite place for us
we hate Durian and Avocado
traveling is our passion
we love going to the music concert
and so many common things between us

so when you asked it, i said YES
anyway.. "you had me at halo", acel..